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War Of Ancient Days - text


There are many who would help me now
There are many to hold me tight
But like a child I want no one if I cannot have you
Your soul was a star and mine daylight

But you'll never know what I let it do to me
When I saw you were never mine
Yeah but I'm standing up, I'm not wallowing
I will not turn to drink this time

And time goes on like a river flowing
Well don't you think it's time
That love was showing

Yeah but I don't mean the kind
Where you have to touch me
I knew we're way beyond that phase
I just mean the kind
That could show some tenderness
To a war from ancient days

For I see our son as he goes walking
He, I knew, that you desired
So don't tell me my wife it don't concern you now
In the dark recesses of your mind

And time goes on like a river flowing
But don't you think that it's time
That love was showing

So I didn't come here today
To see you get the best deal
You can have this stuff I will say goodbye
I came here to wage a war on the poverty
That I see in our eyes

I'm here to pay that hardest price
Hey now I'm willing to change my ways
I'm here to lay the wreath of peace at your feet
And end the war of ancient days
You can't stop me
It just takes one
But you can join me now
'Cause this old war is done

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