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I wake up every morning
About the break of dawn
Hear the rooster crowing
Feel all alone
There's honeysuckle outside my window
Dew sparkling on the vine
Little squirrels barking
Like they was a mountain lion
I get to thinking about the road
And all the times I come back again
Oh, I was born a child to these muddy roads
Lord, I'll die here lonesome as the wind
'Cause all my cars they're broke down
Laying in my front yard
I ought to get one together
But the work just seems too hard
But a man come by this morning
He wanted to paint my barn
He painted "See Rock City - US Highway 31"
I used to have a church woman
Pretty as she could be
Run off with a gospel singer
Down in Nashville, Tennessee
So I drank a lot of liquor
Lord, and I drank a lot of booze
I'm a midnight country rambler
You know I ain't got much to lose
I wake up a lot of mornings
Laying down in jail
My head, it will be hurtin', you know
And I won't be feelin' too well
That ol' fat-bellied sheriff
He'll come a walking' up to me
And wanna know how it feels, not being free
I tell him: "It didn't matter, Lord
And I didn't care a whole lot
I'd rather be in jail in Hell
Than a fat-bellied cop!"
Yeah, a man come by this morning, Lord
And he wanted to paint my barn
Well, he painted "See Rock City - US Highway 31"

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