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Tomorrow Night - text


Close your eyes take a breath
Pull the ring out from my jacket
I am yours until death do us part
But we won't let it you said yes
I'll confess I've been falling into love
Since that first sight and
I'll love you even more tomorrow night

Newlywed, time just flies since
I bent down on my knee and
Now my life – a paradise you could say
That I'm in dreamland
But it's real, what I feel
And the way you drive me
Crazy feels so right and I'll love you
Even more tomorrow night

Love has never been so true girl
I'm always far from blue
When we touch my heart starts soaring
And all those little things you do
When I fall asleep with you
I'm still smiling in the morning

There's a child in my arms
And she's named after your mother
Tears of joy on your face
And a smiling older brother
Finish my lullaby and I'll sing it to the children
At twilight and I'll sing to them again tomorrow night
Girl, I'll sing to you again tomorrow night

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