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Strike Back (feat. Ahren Gray) (From Fairy Ta.. - text


(Strike Back!)
Although the slightest chance of changing,
the path in which our world is taking's low
It makes sense that the smallest little voice
can make the loudest noise!
And if they try to tell me my own fate
I'll turn it around, won't hesitate,
What's the point of tomorrow
if it's a future missing you?
Bring it on!
'Cause I'm just gonna grow up in the battle 'EY!!!
Gonna light the darkness,
Keep on burning my fire
Ain't nobody gonna stop me,
I gotta stop this nightmare
Because I'm dreaming of my future
Past, future, present
it's the world that we live in
I ain't scared of my past,
because tomorrow keeps approaching fast
I'm screaming out for my pride!
I need you to wipe away your tears,
the time has come to face our fears tonight
I'm never falling down, I'll keep on sailing
Now this is my destiny
Defy the world to make you smile,
if it keeps you around awhile
Don't go!
I gotta shake off the pain for you and me,
may our failures all rest in peace
Now we'll strike back!

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