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Restless Heart - text


I got a fever
that I don’t wanna shake
I’m seeing clearer
now my heart will never break
it’s like a speaker
making noises that are keeping me awake

we gave our souls to feel this rhythm
we hurt for harmony divine
it’s not a gift that we were given
choosing to infect your heart like mine

There aint no chemical to doctor to doctor me
Only capable of love if she got eyes that see
that I am suffering with a sickness in this art
Nobody, nothing that can fix this restless heart

wish I could see it
that smile I’ve never found
so I believe it
so I could get out of this town
my body needs it
that love and glory, fame and certain sounds

making love and making wishes
alone we are a word without a rhyme
trade our conscience for some kisses
cause we know we’re running out of time

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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