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Beautiful Nightmare - text


Just a little wink, just a little glance
I'm burning up, and she's the match
With just one look my heart ignites
She'll lead me on with every step
I'm falling for those angel eyes again
And there’s no turning back tonight

That girl's on fire and I just can't fight the flames
She makes her move, I know I'll lose
But I can't help but play the game

So stop me if I stop and stare
Don't say you love me don't you dare
I swear I'm dreaming and that girl
She's a beautiful nightmare
It's like there's something in the air
But I'll save my words cause she don't care
I'll play my cards, she'll play my heart
And I know she won't play fair

She won't make me wait
She has got the itch she starts
To reach for the lightswitch
The way she moves is so unfair
she’s the queen of hearts and
I’ve lost my head bury me alive underneath the bed
yeah, it’s not love but I don’t care

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Video přidal DevilDan

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