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Almost to Memphis - text


We both knew that this would happen,
that I'd go chasing dreams
cause your love and my aspirations
had me tearing at the seams
so I’ll move to California or maybe Tennessee
and baby, when I hit the charts
I hope that you remember me
I swear that I loved you girl,
but now it’s not worth the time
I've got my microphone you've got your nine to five

and I'm almost to Memphis, ready or not,
I barely made my flight
unexpected, your friends think
I'm hot when they see my name in lights
I'm not heartless, but I just don't care I love this more than you
I'm almost to Memphis and I'm never coming back to you

I’ve never dealt with the devil cause I don't believe in hell
and I'd rather keep my soul and just learn guitar myself
then maybe I'll move to California or maybe Tennessee
and sell these songs I wrote
cause they're worth more to them than me
give me just two more years I'll have the world at my feet
rock and roll ain't dead as long as my heart beats

girl, I won't say goodbye the spotlight calls my name tonight
my memories of you will rest in peace
I don't have time to cry for broken hearts or love gone dry
and girl, you clearly don't have time for me

Text přidal DevilDan

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