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Take Time - text


We've all lost somebody
Close to us we love dearly,
Hard to discuss but
I done lost a few were close near me.

I know the times were hard,
Felt no one on ur side.
I wish he talked about it
Instead he took his life.

And now we all hurt,
Teary eyed and askin why?
His momma cryed,
And I can try to say its Alright.

But deep inside Im hurtin,
So whats I spose to do?
Cuz I wish he woulda thought of
what he'd go and put us through.

We mourn his death.
But more importantly rejoice his life.
We laugh at pictures,
And forget about the stress n strife.

We tell our stories bout him
Like “dogg remember when?”
The memorys and thoughts
My God its like they'll never end.

But that's a good thing,
Cuz even though he gone from us.
He in our hearts and
Anytime he never far from us.

So take the time
And remember those we have lost.
No longer with us but
Never ever have we forgot.

Take time to remember cuz you by my side.
Take time to remember how you touched my life.
Take time cuz we always gone miss you,
Anytime, Anywhere, cuz our thoughs are always with you.

Dark times, dark skys,
While the rain drops.
It hides the tears and
I pray to make the pain stop.

I even plea bargain,
Beg to God to bring him back.
If times were like they were
Then I wouldn't have to sing this track.

But I can't change what happens,
Only deal with what life gives me.
I ask my father and
I hope he's proud of the life I'm living.

I hope he can forgive me,
For the wrongs I have committed.
Its been so many years
And damn homie I still miss him.

I make this song for all of ya'll
Who ever lost some body.
Your mother, brother, sister, lover,
Best friend, uncle, cousin.

And it don't matter how they lost life,
The point is,
That they memory will live on
Through rejoicing.

Don't be afraid to talk to em,
I promise that they hear you.
You didn't get to say good-bye?
Say it now, they right near you.

So take a minute,
Think about it and remember them.
I know it can be hard
But I promise that you'll meet again.


Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

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