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In The Game - text


[Chorus: x2]
Yeah We Put 'em in the game
Then we hit the block with 'em
We run them thangs down in florida
Ain't no top in em
We got them burps lookin so dunktastic
Orange down to dade, FLA we the baddest.

Mayne that dunk dunktastic
The box chevyrific
The olds' cuttacular
The 'lac caddylicious
They put em in the game
They got the fresh paint
They got em raised up
They did the damn thang

[Jon Young:]
Yeah it's about that time
Classic weekend round the corner
Made some changes to the O
Since I took it to daytona
New paint, switch the guts
Raised it up a little high
Got a fresh set of shoes
Trade it at the dade and y's
Now I'm sittin on some floaters
I'm lookin nasty
Got em brand we on the roof
I keep it classic
Never to flashy we do em right
Florida boys got the whip game sowed up tight


[J. Cash:]
Ay we put em in the game last minute of the fourth quarter
Made the trip from texas had to hit em with the slab hurter
Oh you ain't heard of me oh hell well that's refered to me
I'm I'm sure you see me swervin on these city streets
I roll on 22's I stroll on 13 inches
I sky scrap up on them bitches and I be hittin switches
I get my swang on my trunk got king kong
I get my bang on my riders this is your song
She think you hatin me
Cause dawg they ain't fazin me
I'm in the new school one second next I'm in the 83
The coupe deville 90'd out
Or maybe in the chevy
Put me in mayne
Cause my whip game is always ready

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