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Dreamin' Ft. Keyshia Cole - text

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This One For The Hood Right Here
Song Dedicated Anybody Out There That Got Some Dreams
Dont Give Up On Ur Dreams Real Talk
Ready Kids, Let's Go
Born September 28
My Life Far From Great
No Food On The Table
So We Far From Steak
But Im So Close To Jail
It Feels Like Im So Close To Hell
Momz Smoking Rocks
Same Shit Im Selling
So Whos Wrong
Her Or Me
She Addicted To The High
Im Addicted To The Cash
I Almost Put My Hands On Her
When I Caught Her In My Stash
How Could I Do Her Like That
Lord Knows Im Wrong
Why Would I Do Her Like That
Lord Know She Strong
I Kno Its Been Hard
But We Made It Baby
10 Years Clean
So She's Still My Lady
I Must Be Dreamin
One Thing About It
I Got Love 4 U Hommie
Two Things About It
I'll Take A Slug For U Hommie
Look At U Now
Your A Buisness Man
Im Proud Of U Dog
Handle Your Bizzness Man
U Like Tha Brother
I Never Ever Had
U Try Your Best
And I Still Get Mad
We Risked It All Together
Been Through It All Together
Caught Cases And We Still Together
Headed Og
I Sleep While U Drive
Me And My Dog
Yea We Chippin On Fire
Remember Back When We
Shared Our Clothes
Look At Us Now Nigga
We Sell Out Shows
I Was Young And Dumb
Wit A Pocket Full Of Cash
Posted On Tha Block
Wit A Pocket Full Of Glass
Full Speed
Still Runnin From My Past
But Its Starting To Catch Up
Yea Its Gaing On My Ass
There's Two Types Of Niggas
Preditor And Prey
Im A Preditor
I Pray 3 Times A Day
Mat Lue Once Said
One Day U'll Have Kids
And How U Gon Explain
All That Stuff U Did
Im A Soul Suvior
Far From Crook
She Always Said
I Was A Lot Smater Than I Look
So I Took My Dreams
And Made It Some Thosounds
And Took My Life And Made It An Albumn

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