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I've been thinking so much lately
Of everything we were expected to be
But don't you ever wanna be different
Aren't you sick of being the good ones
Like your first cigarette
Or the way we used to drink in the afternoon
It was beautiful

Please don't tell me that you feel the same
Cause I don't feel the way I used to
When we were seventeen we had everything
To sink our teeth into
They told me it's not too late
But I'm tired of staring at the same place
And waiting for something to change

I can't sleep through the night
I lie awake from time to time
Maybe it's the way I see the world
Or just the way I see myself
I felt your hands around my neck
Like you were only in my head
And I swear it's not the way
I smile for everything I hate

They said if you can think of a thousand things
That make you wanna start over,
Then we could start over

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