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Theme from Youg Deenay - text


Another funky trackfrom the one they call Deenay
at the show, in the club, I am coming your way
kickin´it live - words fly like bullets
mouth is the gun - she mc´s the illest

I´m a hardhead - follow me into my solo
stepback - if you need another demo
you can´t stop me from what I´m doin´ if I´m doin´
your stile is fake - and I´m about to ruin

ev´rythingthat you might thought that was yours
I´ll take it and brake it and make it to the floor
coz I´m too hard to core - take it to the limit
Young Deenay is comin´atcha in less than a minute

i got the flow - I get the party goin´
I´m the funky sista that you wanna be doin´
wave your hands in the air from side to side
let me take you on a ride, right?

ref. Young Deenay, Young Deenay only you can make my day
Young Deenay, Young Deenay...

mikecheck - one two one two
here´s another funky joint for you
brought to you direct - always come correct
treat me with respect - while I reflect

reminisce, the day I choose to be a rapper
saw the lyte, bahama, boss ´n salt´n pepa
yoyo, simplé e, monie love, othas
started rhymin´- supported by my motha

jumped on stage - i moved the crowed
doin´show after show and they wouldn´t let me out
gainin´ much respect - always true to the game
after what I´m seen i´ll never be the same

I ain´t down for the bullshitty sucker mc´s
I ain´t down for police brutality
I´m down for my peeps and my family tree
and I´m down for the music - for y´all to see

ref. Young Deenay, Young Deenay only you can make my day
Young Deenay, Young Deenay...

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