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Unnamed Song - text


I am standing on the edge and coming to my senses from a reverie
never thought I would never thought I'd need to
Say googbye, I did you farewell
My voiceless words are swaying the flame
I can't live without, I can't live without
I can't live without you here in the dark
I whisper your name over again give me the strength to
cease the light if I should find the way
I saw a dream you were flying in the sky without a fear
Never touched the ground but never come to my side
I tried so hard to reach out for your hand
The ruthless wind kept your soul away
I can't live without I can't give without
I can't breathe without you here in the world
Do you feel the rain ? You said love takes no pain
With or without the sun The lurid sky is still tearing me apart
Will she let freedom reign over the pain
Give me the stength to believe the words that love will find a way

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