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Universe Throb - text


So cold
In space
Infinitely stretching
Filled but empty
While on earth we create our love and hate
Create hate, create destruction

All hope
All faith
Built on stories we create
Defend the lie at any cost
Destroy life

The sound
The hum
The vibration of the nameless one
While on earth we create misery
Cannot hear the wordless chanting

Sublime, unborn
Stars die for us to learn
In the timeless no life is lost
Can't you feel the universal throb

The cold, the dark, it feels so real
The cold, the dark, it feels so real, so real
The pain, the fear, we're taught the pain and fear

Each moment a new world arises
Each breathe a brand new day
Let the world argue itself to death

As I listen to the bliss
I hear the hum of the universe
I don't know what the truth is
To this life

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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