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I now will tell you all a story
That no one ever heard before.
It is the tale about the fury.
Remember wisdom is your strength.

It said,"You're such a fool
Just let my evil rule."

No, it's burning like a flame
Now nothing seems the same.
I've lost control of mind and body.
My soul is in its hand
Its wish is my command
Enslaved forever by the fury.
By the fury, no!

At first it came to me in visions
And that was filling me with pain
And when my fear became desire,
To let the demon burn my soul.

It said,"Don't fight in vain.
I'll make you love the pain."

Repeat Chorus.

I now have told you all my story
And still for you it's not too late.
Don't draw your sword
Just use your wisdom
And never let this be your fate.

Oh, no, it's here again.
This demon loves the pain.

Repeat Chorus.

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