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That, That Is (část I., II., III.) - text

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Julie's sick and tired of her job n'all the reasons lately
She took it out on God and laid her soul to hell and let the baby die
Julie's child was born without a need or a reason for being
She took it as a message from a real and a distant life
Shirley gets to help her with the child though she's strung out on crack time
Shirley never knew what it was to be held in real love
Together getting high to get to mess up their night
Anything to get up so they're losing their mind
Just to get high, breaking out from this life, gotta get them a drug to get higher
Julie gets to walking out and drags the child, says 'come on'
How we'll walk in the dark of the morning
Car is screaming round the corner, drugged to heaven, guns are loaded, locked in vengeance
Who shoots the child?
Watching in the ghetto is the spine and the cruel of the gang life
Sign language of the get go you get in the gang life
Fear the only law, fear is all we hear about,
Feed us in tha raw, fear is all we fear about,
Listen, get up, quickly get up, get up
It's the answer to punishement given you
Don't give us reasons,
Caught in the crossfire dying
God give us reasons,
God get a reason, God give a reason
Why lay dead a child's life?
That talk is just a worry and a worry in a man
That life is just a worrying and getting in a mess
That deal is just awakening his spirit to be giving him
The pleasure of the giving things within
This day is of a meeting of the manner to be borne
And like a ship you come safely to the shore of love eternal

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