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If I come to where you at, this is it
There's no stopping me
You will not get in my way; no one will get in my way
I just took off running and I ran up to him and wrapped his hair around my wrist three times
And just started wailing on him
He was like, "Oh no, Ms. Sheila! Don't do this, Ms. Sheila! I respect you, Ms. Sheila! You fucking cunt! God's watching you!"
All in the same breath, he would say that to me
And he wiggled away from me at one point and Shine had her 9 on her— I didn't have my weapon on me, thank God
And I said, "Shoot him, Shine! Shoot him! Shoot him in the leg, don't let him get away!"
And he was like, "Don't shoot me, Ms. Shine. Please don't shoot me, Ms. Shine."
I just wrapped his hair around my wrist and just drug him through the parking lot, just kicking the shit out of him, and just like beating him just as hard as I could
"He called the police, Sheila. He called the police. They're coming." And I was like—I didn't give a shit
I smiled from ear to ear in my mug shot
I didn't call for boots on the ground, I didn't call for any of that bullshit, I can handle this shit myself
Just, argh!
I didn't even need a weapon. But yeah, I mean, I'd like to have another go at him, you know?
Ghetto Cowboy!

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Ghetto Cowboy


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