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Fitz (spoken word) - text


So I'm a failure huh?
You look surprised that I made 21
with all the odds against me
moms wasn't with me
she act' like Saddam sent me.
a terrorist in mom dukes eyes
at 6 got tired of mom dukes lies
Tired of the motherless nights
Me and my folks cuddled up tight up under the candle light
This can't be right
lookin' back i see it in black and white
like she had a bag of pipes
To gone to make the sacrifice to get her life right
And you wanna question mine site.
Wit' out first steppin' inside the mind of a child, running wild with no reason to smile.
Foul. Pat, can I buy a Vial?
Naw, she'd rather spend her time in bars while me and my brother lick peanut butter jars
No shoes, feet blacker than tar
no rules, surprise' we aint worse than we are.
So foolish i used to wish upon a star, praying that she change.
but naw she'll stay the same.
My young mind not knowin' that the drug had already altered her brain.
23 years in, shit that's enough to retire at most jobs. but not the streets.
See, once you enter you can't leave. its like bein' locked inside with no keys.
a piano with no keys.
Took a while for me to believe that the shit was disease.
eatin' on the mind of those that are weak.
but you still find time to fault me, please.

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