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Dare He Go - text


[Yelawolf - Intro]
What's up world?
The name is YelaWolf
You might not know me by now
But, emm
Maybe soon you will
You know what I'm sayin
And when you see my on the street
Want you to throw your hands up like this
Throw a peace up in the air and say
Dare He Go, Yeah

If you see me in the Box
Chevy with the hubcap spokes at the spot
Smile n' say:

Dare he go
Dare he go
Dare he go
Dare he go

With the clothes that I rock
Hit me cause I'm clean and my kicks are hot
Dare he go
Dare he go
Dare he go
Dare he go

[Verse 1]
Supermax black pack cat, get'a (what)
Boogie hip shake a hot ??, get'a (yeah)
?? for the ? (what)
We in the backseat see a finna please her (what)
Been a heater since I was a little earth breather (yeah)
???, used to get the babysitter
Momma slip don't trip cause I like to hit her
?? I'll ride a bicycle to go get her
Taught me well, now I limp harder
?? the last girl I ?? (ha)
Fuck a frail bridge but I jump a $1 ??
And you can't get ???
I was down before I ever learned to rap
?? wrong side of the tracks (the ghetto)
Rap shouldn't ?? snatcher
Good ?? through the hole blower


[Verse 2]
Skip ? style to the shack, like that (yeah)
Cherokee eagle feather jelly peanut butter (ha)
Leaf cutter gutter splitter sticks to the bricks
Tornado spitter hit the storm cellar (whoo)
On a ?? a TD maker, I'm a tipi shaker
I'm an E-Z baker, get 'em hot quick
Sip vaseline water rippling
When it drop, watch me fly more than 52 snatching ?? (what)
YelaWolf got the clan in ?? (yeah)
Controversy and I know it I ? poet
I miss a ?? when it gets done holler fo' me (holler)
Get a pack of this, man what type of cracker this?
Saltine your game that's what type of cracker this (ha-ha)
Never ??? Native-Ameri-who?
American I think I can if the track do. (what, what?)


[Verse 3]
Hold up, single solitary tri-flow (what)
Pop goes ??? (yeah)
Marshmallow cookin' long line fish hookin' (what)
Sloppy ?? faded out fresh crappy cookin'
Cheap beer drinkin', talk loud, breath's stinkin'
Step limpin' wet drippin' from the lip lickin'
Split banana pickin' ball, grabbing ??
Indian trail-way ?? little boy laggin'
Middle-man half-breed don't climb a ?? (ah)
I put graffiti on the stars of the spangled banner
?? Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama
Vision birds see my fur drenched liked a ?? (huh)
And I put art on my body parts
Full time rhyme ?? throwin' at your car
(beep, beep beep)
In the trunk
YelaWolf throw it up, click click ??

[Chorus x2]

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