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Man, as soon as you said, "break beats", I was all in
Like, shit, I got a whole break beat collection from back in the day because that's all we used to use before we had drum machines
So, shit, you know, I'm old school like that
And guitars, man, I'm a guitar fan, I got one on every wall in this fuckin' house, I got eight of 'em
That "Slumerican Three 6" you produced for me is still one of my favorite solos, man
And I⁠— I want you to do some more of those for me, at least one more
So, man, that shit that we on right now, that's a game changer, man
With these break beats and these guitars like this
This shit sound like real music
Nobody in hip-hop sound like this right now, man
So you on to something with this one
I'm just hyped at having to be doin' something different, man
Let's get it

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