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HUMANITY IS A VILE CURSE. Created, regretted by Mother Earth. Abortion would've been the right path to follow, but it's her fault, that bitch should have swallowed. Worse than the RATS, we are worse than the ROACHES. We are the ultimate filth and vermin. Can't slow us down, and you surely can't stop us. Only option left is extermination. PROCREATE! MULTIPLY! SPREAD DISEASE! THEN WE DIE! Repeating this process over and over again. Many have tried and all have proved, we cannot be contained, we cannot be removed. A parasite of the very worst kind, born with a body and born with a mind. PARASITE! Spread our disease, then we die. Humanity is a wretched breed, consumed by hatred, controlled by greed. Everything we want is everything we don't need, and yet we still crave more. Everything we touch turns to dust and ash. Create and produce to be thrown in the trash. Everyone is too caught up in bullshit to see how deadly we have grown to be. WE ARE A PUTRID DISEASE and that is all we will ever be. Parasite! Eradication of humankind. Parasite! Eradication of the mind.

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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