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Far beyond a dark horizon
Over a majestic sea
The island ascends
And upon the highest mountain
Under the stars aligned
Beneath a pale silvery moon
We gather for the sermon now
We gather for the sacrifice
Candles burn and smoke from
Fire rises high
Making morbid shapes and
Shadows crawl across these
Sacred grounds
West, North and South, the one more
Enlightened than us all
Turning pages made from skin,
Chanting long forgotten words
We gather for the sermon now
Black mass to call upon the Sleeping One
Wake up from your slumber,
Rise from your watery grave
Ascend from your sunken kingdom
And claim the universe again
We gather for the sermon now
To call upon the Elder Ones
We all come for the ritual
To call upon the Dreaming One
Deep below the rolling waves
Stone by stone, built this place
Where the ruler stays asleep
Chained by the dreams
We gather for the sermon now
To awake the Sleeping One
Gather for the ritual
A black mass for the Dreaming One

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The Unspeakable

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