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She lights the candles in a circle
She summons the entity
Her hands are reaching chaos
She says "I'm calling you out now demon
Watcher of gates I call you
Show me the sign
Bring destruction key"

Dark shapes are rising
They through their master's flaming mouth

She sees Venus rising
Ahead of the sun
The sky turns to fire
She says "Bring the knowledge - I give my soul,
I hear you father I hear you call"
The serpents fire
Burning the angels down

Oooh she's crying out
Lucifer is tising now!

"I'll bleed for you
I'll cry for you
I'll hold my arms out for you
Please free my soul
From this rotten flesh
I'll die for you now

Can you see the fire
Can you hear him call
I feel his power
I feel so strong"

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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