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Johnnie left his home
As a rebel he was known
A carpenter by trade
But a Jacobite by name
A sailor's life he chose
Off the Nova Scotian coast
He sailed away this fall
For a shilling now that's all
Strike the hammer to the cable
For the capstan keeps on turning
Push now Johnnie, push now Johnnie
All the way to Glen Dessarry
Where the lass you married
Waulks the wool with arms aweary
Push now Johnnie, push now Johnnie
Round and round she goes now Johnnie
No rest upon this boat
From the stern up to the sprout
To head back home is time
For now pardoned be his crimes
The northern wind it blows
Wherever Johnnie goes
The Highlands white with snow
And stowed away the plough
So high the waves do roll
In this godforsaken hole
Spring has come so fair
And the share's behind the mare
Belle Isle is over frozen
And a longer route now chosen
The rams now have been shorn
And your baby boy was born
We're making way so slowly
And waters here be shoaly
Lochaber's in bloom
In the bonny Highland June
Now Johnnie sighs and moans
From the rigging he was thrown
While bound his sweet colleen
For the fields to reape and glean
Johnnie took his his final rest
Three days just from Durness
In cerement enclosed
And a stitch right through his nose

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