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Bitter Sweet (Prod. GodlikePariah) - text


Man a nigga just really want money, man. You know what I'm sayin'? A nigga don't really give a shit about too much. I don't really care what these teachers say, I don't really care what these hoes say, man. Nigga just want millions nigga, just want millions, bruh. Know what I'm sayin'? I don't really give a shit about too much, I care about my niggas and I care about money man, that's all I really give a shit about. That's just to be completely honest, I don't give a fuck about what none of ya'll hoes talkin' about. If ya'll niggas ain't talkin' about money don't talk to me

Ain't nobody flyer, young nigga, nobody higher
When I pull out this nine watch how fast his realness expire
I never trust a nigga, never will I trust a ho
Bitter sweet young nigga with some nice clothes
I ball like Sean Kemp, poppin' bottles in the Vip
I feel like a pimp at Long Johns eatin' my shrimp
Surrounded by bad bitches, I thank god for all my bitches
Without all my bitches I would probably still have bitches
In that droptop Volvo all my migos call me Marco
Real nigga rule number one, never give out your info
Pocket full of pintos, different color like some Mentos
X be smokin' cigs, I guess he do it for the Menthol
I miss my brother Jimmy, biggest influence to me
STYCXS and young nigga I got all access
I see why these niggas mad cause I got all the hoes
I see why these niggas mad cause I got all the hoes

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