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Another Sad Day - text

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Another sad day
Another sad night
You´ve gone away
And taken the light
Another sad day
Another sad night
Throw of your chains
And we´ll make things right
I´ve been through
All this before
Found my heart´s key but then lost the door
I can never open I´m far too weak
How can I sing when I can´t even speak
Wherever I go it seems the same street
There´s too many strangers
Staring at me
And the stores are all empty cause they´re full of dum things
They´ve already sold all the wings
I´m so tired of beating on walls
Lost under streetlights as darkness falls
Can I stop coping
Find my lucky streak
Be strong enough to admit what I seek
I watch rivers flow
Why can´t I flow too
Break down these walls blocking my view
My soul is a bell
My hearts full of strings
When life hits me hard I just ring
I just keep hoping I´ll one day shine free
Of all the clouds in my mind
Dig up the dirt that covers my soul and share all the gold that I find
Not another sad day

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