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We Zonin’ - text


[XV - Intro]
You know what it is Vizzy Zone,
heres what I need you to do

Go close your eyes put your hands in the sky
and if anybody ask why
tell em we zonin’, zonin’, zonin’
n-gga we zonin’. zonin’, zonin’
yes sir why you got your hand by your side
teacher try to say we couldn’t fly
tell em we zonin’, zonin’, zonin’
ready we zonin’. zonin’, zonin’

[XV - Verse 1]
Came in the game like an arcade change machine
so you know it’s gonna make sense (cents)
rock tee’s like shiva
leave 8 prints
walk out the booth petrol see 8 prints
I’m a beast uncaged, leave me untamed
then you rapping about gun gangs is getting mundane
get out your one lane and hit the runway
so empower n-gga soaking up the suns way
ay, got a pretty young thing
who wanna get drunk and do a couple dumb things
baby girl wet walking out of club rain
and if your girl wanna come I aint gonna complain
lets zone, metal(?) we taking the jets home
tell your man baby I’m going with X home
ice cold now lets roll like an ice roll
lets go…


[XV - Verse 2]
Quit weaving success we are on a fast track
hope you n-ggas took your last nap
came with a flow so ill they took up the (?)
‘fore I got up in your ear like I’m on the (?) tracks
abs, any x yeah, child it will do, quiet as baby steps
lyrics courtesy of
still stay strapped like a (?) ladies dress
cuz I came from the hood and all tht crazyiness
birds wanna chill tell go and make a nest
I’m still going right, ahters can make a left
and I be getting stares like a n-gga making steps
making instrumental tapes instead of me taking tests
never the laziest I just play the bat like a cornrow
up in n-ggas comments til the store close
with a broad rose (?)
give that boy a hand, call him (?)


[XV - Verse 3]
Back when I used to have to read rainbows
and n-ggas still used to rock Master P tank though
then I came in the game that had to saved
the X in the box master chief Halo
I just know I deserve the dream
as much as the queen deserve a king
as much a n-gga doing dirt
cause of a ring around the collar
and the n-gga thats snitching deserves a sling
I mean from the deuce one zone like a two three
home is a new sleeve
and I come through the air like a phone booth and blue teeth
dropping feelings from my fingers like a new ring
lets zone, we are so ready
even the ones that went slow like Eddie
buckle up for the ride put your hands in the sky
cross all your tees and just close your eyes


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