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Use To Ft. Ne-Yo - text


[Hook: Ne-Yo]
So you got a man-got a man-got a man?
I ain’t mad, I'm not, I ain’t mad at ya baby
I just miss the way-miss the way-miss the way
That we used to rock-used to rock-used to rock-used to rock

[Verse 1: XV]
This is my chance, no one gotta know
Phone in my hand where your number's ‘bout to go
I said you got a man? You replied yes and no
My name is X to the V but in your phone I'm X and O ho
Your man checking your calls and all your history
We watching Scooby Doo while he's trying to uncover mysteries
I asked you if you missed me and you replied duh
You asked about my girl and I replied uh
You forgot about the charm like a gold rope
Cleverly get you wetter than ever, row boat
We both is giggling, old jokes
You claim you happy but I'm just like get at me when he go broke
I know what it is, I know you got kids with him
And if he go to jail for trying kill me, you'll visit him
I'm like that devil on your shoulder, don't listen to him
We'll play some Mortal Kombat when you finished with him


[Verse 2: XV]
I know he put you in that whip, call him master
I know you ain’t trying leave with me after
I know you gotta play yo role, that's just how that saying goes
But if we roll, you'll see greener pastures
And that's without taking the scenic route
Ain’t sending you home so I ain’t seeing you out
And when he ain’t looking, I'm gonna steal the plate
And slide across home until you say safe
You said we should chill, just focus on your deal
And now I got a mill baby, you should say grace
Or you should say bye to his face, remember when you ran away to hide at my place?
Well we should re-enact it, he trying to mirror me but he just seein' backwards
And you remember we had a thing since the swings, can you still do a back flip?
Well lemme ask this


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