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[XV - Verse 1]
Yeah, Zack and Kelly but tell me and tot he max we go
And treat these verses like Margarito and Pacquiao
Teachers thought I’d never come out my shell and well
Now I hop on beats and go pistachio
They’ll never steal my dreams like Leo DiCaprio
So, before the madness grow I speak what they have to know
In a town that was small, I crashed in the lawn
The effect that I met was like a splash in the pond
See I rap for my mom in the back of the car she said
“boy, you crazy” momma’s little baby
I always told her I would drop a project one day
Now I’m taking off, my projects on the runway
From suburbs of young nerds, to projects that see gun play
To models on the runway, it’ll reach ‘em all in someway
They hit my brother with 10 years, he said “don’t leave”
I said, there’s no weave, baby brother I’ve been here
[Sample: Smashing Pumpkins- “To Forgive”]
Ten times removed, I forget about where it all began
So this is my beginning
I look to the sky with a cape on my back
And they tell me the sky is the limit
But I don’t know why, when I finally fly
Wanna show em all, this is my beginning
I look to the sky with a cape on my back
And they tell me the sky is the limit
But I don’t know why, But I don’t know why
[XV - Verse 2]
July baby but cooler than a October boy
With more lines than a zebra wearing cordoroys
On my high horse, I should go to Troy
Set my flight course as my wings deploy
Postcards and polaroids
But not enough time to buy a stamp and show my boys
In Japan eating fish thats Coy with little soy
Then I’m off to London watching this bridge that we built destroy
Don’t take advantage of the simple joys
My mum text all the time but I miss her voice
And I know you wish you caught me before I flew off
But I was running red lights like Rudolph
Just so I can zoom off, like taking Nike shoes off
Hit the stage that I grace to amuse y’all
Wanna be a pilot, you gotta learnt to fly
And you wanna be a star, your home in the sky
Thats why
[XV - Verse 3]
Look, my RCA blast and some jewels that I cut like Cartier
Soon as I stepped outta the chamber like the RZA bopping to my digital shit
Plan to lash at all the haters with my physical whip
My lyrics flow like, how much more can lyrical get
When all I try to do is put they soul on spiritual lisp
The pastor tell it, I’m abusing my miracle gift
When I just do like him and use it just to get me some chips
So if the rapping Ishmal do, just happen to help you
And fell through the cracks, and it happen to fit
Watch it connect your soul, my hustle like Russel
I just hope my grind connects with the globe
Then bring some more label reps to my home
Then I can pass the cake to the next n-gga on
Fly manoeuvres, Metropolis it’s on
I say bye to, but I will never be gone

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