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Live vs. Livin’ Ft. Big Sean - text

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[Verse 1: XV]
Yeah look, Vizzy is a dreamer
And life is a bitch but god forbid if I leave her
Hated in my city since the day that I remember
But I ain't ever tired of these kids like Angelina and Brad
I was a kid like Michael Jackson when I started to be bad
But cleaned it up in 2000 like lever, either you can hop around
Hating off throughout your town
Or you can turn this up loud and take a glimpse of how I put it down
Finally found my sound, Helen Keller
And I'm taking that food out up your mouth like Old Yeller
Satisfaction's overrated, I don't agree with failure
So I just kept making heat up in the basement like a cellar
Well uh, pipe down like Drain-O
Just roll into a ball like Kano ‘cause they know
I'll die on these tracks chasing perfection like a rainbow
Walking out the bank, smiling face L-M-A-O
I tell you what it is and everything it isn't
You got a cool ride, I'm saving it for business
You got a lovely wife, I got a bunch of women
‘Cause that's just part of life and this is part of living
‘Cause that's just part of life and this is part of living
‘Cause that's just part of life and this is part of living
‘Cause that's just part of life and this is part of living
‘Cause that's just part of life and this is part of living
That's just part of life
[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Big finna drop but it's not 9-7, I think they had enough, hot 97
Last real nigga, I am legend
You need inspiration, shit drop in my sessions
Oh that's your favorite car? I buy it out
Oh that's your favorite bitch? I try it out
Swimming in your girl then she handed me a towel
I said I.O.U like I'm trying to find a vowel
And I'mma rock more bathing apes than Milo
Champagne by the cases, gon and grab a bottle
Drink till I can't swallow, then throw up till I feel hollow
My whole crew is taking off, Man it could've been Apollo 13
You ride around in escorts and Jettas, I rather have a pilot escort the jet uh
While you was in your PJ's waiting on shit to take off
I was in the PJ, waiting on take off
[Verse 3: XV]
And this is part of living
Bank account healthy, parted with my children
Your bank account is swayze, no wonder you illing
I'm getting paid just to take a walk around a building
Brilliant, filling it the game left space and I'mma fill in it
My dream is to get a team that I could do some millions with
Everyday the MySpace plays, get a million hits
And I walk in the space and show my face, they take a billion pics
For my dream, I'm already for it
Trying to see everything like a city tourist
I'm eating all these rappers food, show me where's the porridge
Somebody sleeping in my bed and I swear she's foreign
So I advise you not to knock
I give her the business like she just bought out all my stock
I became all the things I was taught not to mock
And when you got your eyes on the green, you’re taught not to stop

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