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Light Work Ft. Theo - text


"What is the magic that makes one's eyes
(that's me!)
Sparkle and gleam, light up the skies
The name of the game is light works.."

You looking like a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs
And I rock my wares like Rocawear
You should've seen my rocket's hair
Oh they rockin, yeah
Those the pockets, that sort of like Michael
Back in '85 when he played against the Rocketeer, yeah
That's a little tongue twister
My tongue jumps on you can see a blister
I take that back, I ain't never had a blister
My lips unchapped, thank God for the blistex
Now who's next? I'll serve anyone
Not Omarion, no brains on my skull, just brains in my skull
Like a straight-A student
I got the gift, mayne, they tell me "Just Do It"
Don't yap about money if you got it
I don't yell on my man, what you see is the obvious and
Honestly, I'm obviously here for the artistry
I'm out to be the non-free, Horace G
I'm gone!

"The name of the game is light works!"

If you know me, I'm tryna get disease
No STD's maybe like "oh XV!"
I'm like, "yes, indeed!"
They on my back dogg, Like fleas
Rappers that used to go around hating my team
Are plumbers now, I guess they had pipe dreams
Walk around in a $50 pair of Ice Creams
They going for the custard, round here you must've
Thought you could catch up with me? You mustard
The aftermath is you get dropped, with a blister
These fuckers ain't fuckin with me, even a little
This is light work, light works, bat signals
Sometimes I see myself on a higher turf
But that don't mean that I don't sit back and admire work
Sitting in the kitchen cause I'm surely gon' blow
Even if I go over their head like fireworks
If you don't hear me, it's a problem
Like fire alerts


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