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Finally Home Ft. Machine Gun Kelly - text


[XV - Chorus]
Look at where we at
Look at where we been
Look at every place we boned
Don’t know where you at
I’m all over the map but right now we finally home
Are we there yet (hell yeah)
Are we there yet (hell yeah)
Are we there yet (hell yeah)
Ok, cool, we finally home

[XV - Verse 1]
Ok I’m back on my B.I. (?) and two D.I’s
Lets take these n-ggas where I reside
The W.I.C.H is I the greatest from my sis-side
The truest, you deny than who is
Down to blow like a match to a bomb
I set fire to the web,
We going up, you coming? better grab my arm
To the place I ran, I’m the black Saddam
No wonder these bad bitches wanna hang
On a n-ggas ass like the bitches on my J’s
Riches on sag, and my fitted on lane
Another album in the can doing what you n-ggas can’t
Setting flames around here like so glow
Played the game, say yes to a city that they don’t know
Right next, to KC like JoJo, phone everybody says
tell ‘em I am home bro


[XV - bridge]
Car service, on its way to me
Brand new jeans with (?) keys
We home, but where haven’t we been
Tell shawty to get lost or get in
For the win, been long for so damn long
Passports and a carry on
Tryin’ be home, where haven’t we been
Tell shawty to get lost or get in

[XV - Verse 2]
Even Christ isn’t passsionate as I am
Fell to the air, Fresh Prince eill-I-Am
Look at me, what you see from the sky cam
A couple girls named Marianne and trilam
Every since I got my deal I feel
High as a nympobiac slight bill
Sleep on my like night quilts
And I’mma get out my dreams without ‘Ye or a Nyquil
Now open up for pupils for your mentors
I’m coming for your soul like Dementors
With the hood on my back like the (?)
Made it on top of my foes like fifth floor
Now stand up like a judge when you know the ending
Cause my Rockets come home like Toyota center
The hottest loser and the coldest winter
Turn the street lights on, I’ll be home for dinner


[Machine Gun Kelly]
Kells, say goodbye to the street lights
Bye to the “I can’t eat” nights
So hello to new countries and new languages I can’t speak right
Falling out the sky like cheap kites
And now I’m in that erm I’m dont know bout a cause
But my backseat got some of the baddest broads
And up front I got my fam with me
Cleveland with me, two L’s and Cool J like Def Jam’s with me
I’ve been all around the World and back
Now I play all around the World with Shaq
One touch let us buy right
Here, pusht he curtains back
Feel like Aladdinw ith this Persian mat
Blow O’s with XV and head to the coast to Jet Ski
And anywhere I go my set be
EST tattoed right above my chest
Respect me or skate like Gretski


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