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Yeah, J Dilla
You see this doo rag?
It represents everything I do bad
[Verse 1:]
It represents the gang member shot up on the front page news ad (damn)
It's too bad
He wore a doo rag
So now when I wanna get my waves, people ask me if I'm in some gang
No I don't hustle
Maybe you would understand my struggle if I wore a noose instead of this chain
It's sad that I can't just be me
Without you stereotyping me like an MP3
I don't care if you are Kunta
Or Martin Luther King or even B.E.T., you can't get me free
So with this simple piece of black cloth
Laying down my hair like grease, I'm mad lost (I don't get it)
How did this become a symbol of a black man out to do another man harm
You see this doo rag?
It represents everything I do bad
It's real talk
[Verse 2:]
This black woman told me take off my rag
Cause I look like a hood, well that's too bad
Cause that's too simple for me
How the hell you justify a black cloth as a symbol of me
Your snake belly comments are that low
The same thing was said when the Black Panthers rocked afros
If it's a black thing
Or a hood thing
It's not viewed as a good thing and that's known
You see this doo rag?
It represents everything we do bad
Yeah. J-Dilla. Rest in Peace. Remember. Forever. Thanks for the Donuts.

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Thanks For The Donuts

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