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[Kanye West]:
Didn't you know I was waiting on you
Waiting on a dream that'll never come true
Didn't you know I was waiting on you
My face turned to stone when I heard the news
When you decide to break the rules
Cause I just heard some real bad news
I'm like one mess away from picking up a mop
And one question away from if my album drops
Will I make to the stage but never get any props
Niggas don't got time for me so they don't watch
Places where I've been, I run into past friends
Say "You still do music?" and it makes me just want to stop
Niggas making top ten list
And I've paid my dues like Prince so I deserve my spot
Yeah, my rap peers try to shun me
You sprinting in a marathon trying to outrun me
Mickey Factz charging for tracks like he outdone me
When I said, "Let's do something" when he wasn't doing nothing
But I get it, music business needs business
Bet if I was from New York shit'll be different
But I'm just a boy from Kansas just spitting
So I gotta take my crown cause they wouldn't fucking give it
The fan base I got really means a lot
Fly Boy Club tees at every show I rock
But will I act like them when I pop?
Get Mistah F.A.B.s intern and start charging for drops?
Sometimes I ask how they don't know my name
Six years ago I was featured on hiphopgame
A few years after that I was fucking with Game
Onpoint, Whoo Kid, who's The Kid In The Green?
Back Pack, that's rap through the eyes of me
The kid that nobody listens to, they aspire to be
I reached out to Affection, wasn't looking in my direction
So I guess my talent see ain't required to see
Nerdy kids being admiring me
My mom said, "Just live for what you dying to be."
I'm dying to see the day that I finally get on
Sometimes I think I wanna make it just to prove people wrong
I did this song on my own and never asked for handouts
I think I don't fit in but I never stand out
Frustrated with the game in a room with no windows
So I turn on the track and decided to air it out
Am I saying something they don't really care about?
Cause me talking about clothes will probably just wear them out
How could the blogs say I'm not nice?
The only dude from Wichita that's been on Nahright
'09 so time to show and prove
My flow better
My show improved
The Kid With The Green Back Pack is on the move
And if this sound don't do it I don't know what to do
Cause I'm dealing with real shit in my real life
Cause when you left it all, how do you feel right?
The quiet type so I don't say much
So every girl I talked to I lost in them holiday months
Valentine's coming up, Patrick's Day around the corner
So they all fall in love cause I don't got time for 'em
Then I lost my phone with a few on my connects
Never expected that would bring me closer to my ex
They say I'm just a W away
From putting the W in the game
And that statement make me wanna think different
Cause I'm helping the niggas that was saying I was lame
I'm about my dollars but I will never change
I'm obscure and I don't like you, I like you with the fame
I told Seven I'mma try to be the same
And never turn into these new niggas in the game
I don't wear chains, pr Babs or tattoos
And to say I ain't nice you gotta be cashews
So when Everybody's Nobody is that dude
Tell them cats who ain't listen that you got some bad news

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