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We’re the kids that will never grow up. We’re the kids that will never grow up to conformity. And that’s fine
Gonna ride our bicycles until the sun is coming up. Gonna skate down these hills as if they were mountain tops. Gonna lay in the grass starring at the clouds. There’s no future there is only right now.
We’re the kids that will never grow up and that is fine with me.
Dive and skate and bike and dream and build our house up in the tree, gonna grow all the food we need and when it’s out of season well go diving. We’ll scavenge all the cloths we use, and breaking down preconceptions of things that are new. We don’t have to go to school cause with autonomy it’s called self-rule.
Said the moon and the sun and the stars are rising, we don’t have to make social compromises, we just want to live for free, that’s everyone on the planet not just you and me.
We’ll all end up the same, 6 feet down into the grave. So does it matter how many material things you accomplish when the price is your own happiness?
Enslave yourself to the souls of the beast. Chain yourself to this economy, everyone takes this life for granted like it’s the only style on this planet.
Live, hate and consume and die by their ways, we can make the sun shine on a brighter day, just follow the reason in your heart to stay forever young. Forever young.
Living the lies sold on TV, we can make stars out of a brighter dream. We just have to start today and can push this fear away.
We’re the kids that will never grow up to conformity.
We’re the kids that will never grow up and that’s fine with me
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