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The Further - text


You have lost existence
Cold as ice in a pit of darkness
Wasting away your whole life

Destruction of what faith you still have

Trapped, there's only blackness left
You can see the fog in front of your eyes
Blinding your vision, just as much as your judgement
Waste away for all eternity
This time is death now that you're released
You have traveled too far
Stop begging, start learning
A waste of life extravagant you do think
But your heart is sinking in
It makes you weak

Now you realize
The depth of your actions
You've lost your body
You've lost your soul
They are fucking sick of you
Waste away [2x]


It's ending now they've said
You feel your flesh being pulled from the bone
Your entrails scattered

What the fuck have I become?

She see's me now

I am dead

We are dead

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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