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Parker Crane (The Bride In Black) - text


Feasting off screams of your victims
Making incisions with your dirt filled nails
Choosing devices to wreck reputations
Terror of lives from reflections of knives

What's it like to be infested with hate?

How many victims does it take for your fill?
For all the innocent blood that you spill
The black veil that hides all the lies
Latching onto ones that you despise

Kill them
Mutilating the flesh & bone of women that have done you wrong
I have never seen anything like this

This has become something that I've feared my whole life
You never thought about their life in the end

I have had it
With these demons taunting my soul
Releasing hate upon a quivering body

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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