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Lifeless - text


What are we to your unworthy eyes?
Blood stains
Slit veins
Has the tension overwhelmed you to the point of no return?

Breathe the air in your empty lungs
These thoughts shall pass
Think of family
Think of life
Overwhelming of a blackened mind
These days are over
You see the light
A chance inside your head
As you hold the blade to your neck the pulse is waiting
Forgive me

Taking the steps backwards
Rewinding visions of the past
This has now ended

You'll only remember when you see
My lifeless gaze when staring right at me
Souring & festering in pools of my own blood
What have I become?

Now, facing death

Now I am resting my head
No looking back what's done is fucking done
I'm soulless & full of regret
Now that you see you know that I have won
Stop pushing back you've seen too much
Too much for the faint of heart
Keep watching me bleeding
This was not how it was supposed to be [2x]

This is the end of your existence
Take what you've learned from the beginning

Wasting away
Pressing forward
Clean up this mess
I'm getting sick of it

Now that it's ended
Take me to the morgue [2x]

Now it's ended & blood has been paid
Reminder of why men should be slain
Full of shit that's humanity
A wretched being is looking in the fucking mirror

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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