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Filth - text


The way you held yourself made me cringe from the beginning
Your actions useless & full of disgrace

I'm not empathetic for the person I most hate
You looked at me and said
That "I would end the problem"
Problem being me yet I won't release

Thinking I am weak
Yet you're the one who is broken

After my intentions revealed you would not
Look in my direction
What makes your mind go wild when thinking of me

Choking on words when looking me in the eye
I wasn't lying when saying you're the one I despise

Saying I hate you isn't barely enough
Fuck your existence you're the filth in my gut

If I ever thought I'd lose control
I would be now

You should feel lucky it wasn't then

What I would have done
Ending your pathetic life right where you stood
Pinning you down without restraints
My first blow would have ended it

Knocking you unconscious
Until you wake to the sound of your own flesh being pulled from your face

Killing you is an understatement of what I've begun to do with your worthless life
Mutilation of a lifeless body is the purest form of cleansing

I despise that you ever looked in her direction
I hope you regret ever placing a hand on what's mine

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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