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[feat. Devin Sockwell of Feign]

Abusive, towards an unworthy being
Laying your hand on them while they plead on their knees
Spreading, your hatred towards the ones you once loved
You coward

Taking away the path of sanity
Wrecking their life, as well as your own
Dig deeper, reach the soot filled end
Manifesting emotions to cleanse

Is this it?
What I asked for when brought to this world
Or is this sick game just for laughs
My wounds they fester, bruises won't heal because of your callused hands
Am I dead yet? Or do I feel it inside
You said it would be better if I just died
I am a mistake
Not planned & useless in life
You've made that clear through the gaze in your eyes

Flesh, tearing away as I rip the skin from your face
This feeling boiling, I know I've been released

The sight of my actions show what's been held inside
You're pleading mercy yet what's happened has just begun
Overwhelming feelings of hurt, pain, & sickness
I've endured this long enough

Brainwashing to change the perception
Of eager people to begin extermination
Sinking in this ocean of endless affliction
The whole time, these waves have carried me in the wrong direction
My life is hanging in the balance
Let me go

& when you feel my grasp, clenching your lifeline
As I rip away the tongue from inside your throat

The feeling will not last, destroy your morals that you once had

This is the true pain I have felt
I've now relinquished all the pain you have dealt
Cleansing your putrid life from this world
To fade away in a state of decay
What people see is just a mangled body hung & cut
To identify would truly be a joke
I care not of my actions, this pain is ending
You are useless

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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