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Deliver Us From Evil - text


[feat. Julian Kersey of Aegaeon]

Seeing what cannot be unseen
The gaze of death that is glaring and staring
Blackened eyes with a porcelain face
A hint of darkness so the stench is unleashed

Sounds screeching from inside the walls
The script rattling against your eardrums
Causing a curse to ensure your possession
Welcome to this life

Just think
Think how things used to be
Just breathe
Take a breath of Hell into your being

A collection of ones that have been enslaved
Causing decryption for them to mutilate
Your skin & bones have become erased
Evil enters & takes all that was made

Arise, from the depths of the black
A churning boiling feeling, a sense of emptiness
Losing your fear of dying & fade into your head

Look at what has been dormant here
False guidance
Has released the evil from within

Now I've been released

Black-hearted & full of so much rage
Once known through time & space

I, infinite
Destroyed everything
Randomizing points of destruction
Time dissolves as reality bends
Infinite chaos
Send me forth into the limitless abyss

I, infinite
Destroyed everything

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Video přidala Lucipher69

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