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Deceiver - text


[feat. Anthony Alexander of Rex]

The world is ending, yet life has just begun
Forget everything, but use your head for this is done

So tell me now

You thought you had it all figured out
We will see what you have learned from all of this

The things I see are an illusion to me
Erase everything but let it still sink in
Hide behind your mask of fear
The truth comes out & you're left with nothing

Wake up or just die
Fess up to your lies

Be gone

Let loose of everything
Bring the fucking hate

Quit being a sheep
Way to go, just think for yourself
Go ahead & make us think
That you know what you're talking about
Bring it to the streets
Talk's cheap, so come & hit me

When we're face to face
We'll see if you're as tough as you think
So bring it to the streets
Talk's cheap so come at me

Bring the hate [2x]
Set them straight
Bring the hate

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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