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Annabelle - text


This is where it begins
Blood from a body has caused this
Appealing to the darkness of hate
The flesh forms for a resurrection
Expressing utmost fear for forces
Unreckoned with taking over your world
As it sits at the bottom of a lifeless pit

You sit & suffer while everything decays
Wasting away as you stare her in the face
Changing emotions & causing disruption
You watch your world slowly burn

This is the being
That will ruin your worthless life

Leave it behind
Your hopes & dreams for they are tossed into the emptiness

They are inside
(I like your doll)
The ritual has begun

Leave this place

Digging in
Running nails through your skin
Disregarding for humans
Yet this is the place you dwell in
I know
What you're here for
This being has become an infectious disease of hate
Losing sight of yourself
Manifesting now it's too late

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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