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I ran across the field after the rabbit
which took a watch out of its waistcoat-pocket
Then I found myself falling down Falling down, down, down
Now I drown in my tears
Here I shrink when I drink anything
and I´ve forgotten things,
I can´t remember counting
Now I am here where the creatures are weird and everything is strange
Have I changed? What´s happening?
I feel alive… look around… And I have to wonder
This is Wonderland – don´t you understand?
It is very obvious: We´re all mad here
Come just stay here
Maybe you will never learn
there is no return
I asked this cat where to go while it was grinning at me
and then it vanished slowly
So I went to the house at the end of the street
had some tea – but it was oh so crazy
I feel alive… look around… And I have to wonder
This is Wonderland…
Soon you´ll forget where you´re from
Soon you´ll forget who you are here
in Wonderland!
I shall be much too late
And I know how she hates
waiting when she wants to play
I can guess what she will say
All at once it´s shaking, thundering
One important thing must be happening
As a deck of guards is marching up
all bow down, it´s clear, she´s near the Queen of hearts
You can´t tease her, keep her satisfied
You´d better let her win Say, she is always right
If she gets angry you had better watch your back
or you will lose your mind before you lose your head
Now I am trapped in danger
I´m so alone
I am the unloved stranger
how I miss my home
Why should I stay? I´m running
as I hear my name
I turn around – they´re coming
Someone calls again:
This is Wonderland…
Try to wake up – it is just a dream
There is no red eyed rabbit and there is no Queen
Now open up your eyes and you will understand
that it was just a dream
A dream of Wonderland
Dream of Wonderland

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