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Once upon a time a little girl was on a journey
Her parents had died – she tried to escape the despair
Poor, sad and lonely but somehow rich in her heart
Sheltered and watched by the stars
“Please, little girl, will you please give me something to eat?
I am hungry, it hurts - you have bread, will you give me a piece?”
And she gave him what she had - the whole piece of her last bread
Then she went onwards and said: “May you be blessed”
Then came a child who moaned and said: “I am freezing
My head is so cold I have nothing to cover it with”
So she took of her hood and gave it to the child
Walked away brighter inside
Please, little girl, will you please give me something to wear?
I am cold and it hurts, you have clothes, I have nothing, I swear!”
And she took off cote, shoes and dress then she said:
“May you be blessed” There she stood in her vest and…
Stars were falling from the sky

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Once Upon a Time

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