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Power of the Dwarfs - text

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We are stronger than you think,
we are smarter than the queen
and we fight the law
We work inside the hills - living in the woods
Rough are our hands and dirty our hoods
Seven lamps at night! Seven hoes to fight
We are the dwarfs working all for one
Always singing along - Hey ho!
We might be small but we`ve got it all
The power of the dwarfs rules the world
Once she came in our lives
We fell in love with red and black and white
She will remain the sun - but she must move on
It will be hard but can`t be wrong
We are just a rowdy gang,
a bunch of seven uneducated men
But we know how to work - how to survive
and how to drink - Enjoy your life!
Seven lamps - we shine! Seven jars of wine!

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