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Hello great man of course I wait
for my next big chance to screw it up
I don´t wonder why you beamoan
that my birthday cake´s not good enough
this perfection overloads I jump off your car
cause I don´t like it but I don´t mind
walking through the grass without a shoe
you avoid me so I enjoy
everything that you would never do
it was a pretty pretty fight
had to lear it wasn´t right
I will never ever miss your face
Winter can be shady
but I love my self made sun
I wonder how
you could get so cold
didn´t freeze to death
I am strong
Still in my head so I can´t forget
your stupid speech of arrogance
but it´s also a little fun
from the distance good experience
your perfection can be bought
in a paper bag
like garbage really
I had to dispose of it
but I promise I will remember
your opinions and philosophies
thanks for nothing
I will never ever miss
never miss your face
Four years back I am over you
tears of the past are no more over me
I stopped the ride
and started over new
I´m no longer blind
cause I´m so much over you
I found my place to grow
some place that you don´t know
and I love to be that freak
as I love to live as do love living with dreams
my tunes are getting loud
from the uncharted island now

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From the Uncharted Island

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