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We are invisible to you
unless we want to show some truth
Then we appear in many forms
Under the oak at breaking dawn
we come together
Perhaps we don´t mind that you´re there
Surrender to the atmosphere
But never talk about the scene
Keep it a secret keep the gleam
All together:
One- on- one we play a song that we know from the Otherworld
We are wild and free and poetry
We are the fairies from the north
We can travel through the air while we are dancing at dawn
Gentle we can be In harmony with people of the mortal earth
We are not good, we are not bad
We set conditions and react
Sometimes we heal a human heart
Sometimes we tear a soul apart –
Fairy weather
Don´t try to find a fairy ring!
And if you find one, don´t step in!
Respect our places, roads and lands
Then maybe we will be your friends
All together:
One- on- one we play a song…
If you play pretty pipes for us you deserve some fairy dust

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