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What a shame! And I shall let it be? Who am I to be excluded?
When it comes to the peak of your feast you`ll see - Wonderful!
I`m a fairy of might and of dignity but I can be tough - creepy
I will punish all!
My tiny princess, there you lie dreaming
And I am here to pronounce an evil curse
She is so lovely and oh, so pretty
Because of you she will have to feel my force
Now they seem terrified and I feel lonely
So I turn to rage - Wonderful!
I don`t care that now I`m the enemy
I don`t care that you swear, your Majesty
I deserved a plate
My tiny princess…
Watch, how evil grows!
My tiny princess…
Briar Rose, baby, please don`t cry
You will bloom before you fade - As time goes by
15 years from now on you will come to me
Wonderful! A sweet escape but you will have to bleed
You will come to me
Wonderful sweet escape but you will have to bleed
My tiny princess…
Wonderful sweet escape but you will have to bleed
Briar Rose, baby – the next time we`ll meet

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