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Remnants Of Organics - text


Pathetic beings believing in life after death.
There are no thoughts in the abyss!

Biological process convert and redistribute.
Seeds of life viciously renewed.

A scorched world that once harboured life,
nothing remains!
Remnants of organics!

Your quest for an answer has led you astray.
Manipulation of a few is all that it takes.

To set in motion your path to global decay.
Law of life dictates your inevitable demise.
Catastrophic effect leaves your planet in burning war.
Oblivious to the true intent of your existence.

A scorched world that once harboured life,
nothing remains!
Remnants of organics

Your quest for a god has led you astray.
The time has come;
Initiate doomsday.

Sleep, your world is ours to keep.
Dream, your lucid thoughts feed our Ascension Machine.

Your soul forever trapped in the gravity swell!
Your star holds you tight for eternity.
Our harvester will encompass your ravaged system.
Stellar core will collapse and you shall all be free....

To be culled!
Your thoughts molested beyond reason.
Enslaved to be a means to our Ascension.
Mental degradation leads to chaos.
Comprehension no longer a tangible thought!

Physical bodies are necessary,
organics and machines embrace to form a new entity.
To wage this war!
This Xenocide!
To conquer this Galaxy and exist outside of Time!

Probing your feeble minds.
No reaction! Instill new stimuli.
Your souls hold the key.
To free us from this wretched reality.

Minds ripped from mutilated
bodies rotting in the boiling surface temperatures,
you are begging for life!

We foresee the outcome of
every species that can become a sentience to
challenge our divine goal must die!

Satisfied we now move on,
activate the Time Shatter!
Many more systems to exploit
before our goals are met.

And we are ascended!
When we are infinite!

Dissemination of knowledge
the copying of a clone.
Entropy! These shards will never reform.

Align! Through the mastery of life.
Matter reassembles into intricate designs.

Given a purpose to carry out
the rest of your existence.

Pieces that make up the Galactic Death Machine.

Remnants of organics!
this is the epoch of Robotic Ascension.

Join us in the central machine
that forever will rotate this artificial galaxy!

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Text opravil DevilDan

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